Top 5 Wedding Trends of 2016

When planning your dream wedding, there are plenty of details to pick out to ensure that the day is perfect. From the wedding dress to the favors, there are several trends that are changing with the style and aesthetics of the event. To plan a wedding that follows the latest trends in the new year, there are a few steps to take for an unforgettable day with your family and friends.

1. V-Neck Bridal Gowns

Make a statement with your wedding dress by opting for a neckline that features a v-neck, which will work as one of the main focal points of the gown. The unconventional detail will create a unique look that allows the neck to appear more narrow for a slimmer figure that is incredibly feminine. This also allows the eye to be drawn down toward the waistline for a classy style that will make for beautiful photos. You can also complement the design of the neckline with a delicate necklace that is lovely and untraditional with the bridal jewelry that is worn.

2. Woodland Themes

More couples are choosing to center their wedding around woodland themes, which are earthy and natural with their design. This includes decorating with greenery and florals for an organic style that isn't overly uniform or luxe. You can also use different accents of wood for rustic tones that are romantic and vintage. Avoid using artificial materials and consider mismatching different chairs, linens, and types of florals that are used for an eclectic design.

3. Intimate Venues

Intimate venues that are unconventional are a popular trend for weddings in the coming year. More people want to enjoy a comfortable space that is less stuffy and will enhance the romantic mood of the event while surrounded by beautiful architecture. Consider getting married or holding your reception in an old barn, on a rooftop in the city, or in a backyard for a space that doesn't have to be traditional. You'll be able to make an impression on your guests and welcome them into a space that allows your wedding to stand out instead of getting married in a church.

4. Vibrant Colors

Although pastels were a common trend in 2015, more brides are embracing vibrant shades in the new year for a colorful wedding that is cheery and more dramatic. This allows pops of color to be incorporated into the bouquets, with the wedding party's attire, and in the centerpieces for a bolder look that is a refreshing change from prior years. Consider picking out a vibrant palette beforehand to ensure that allow of the bright colors complement one another.

5. Loose Florals

One of the top wedding trends to watch for in the coming year is loose florals, which create a natural look with the bouquets and centerpieces that are used during your event. This means having the freedom to use different types of wildflowers, roses, and peonies without having them look too manicured with how they're styled. More brides want an unfussy event that isn't overly dramatic or stuffy, which means creating new designs with how the florals are grouped together. This also ensures that the wedding is still elegant due to beautiful flowers that still add a touch of romance and formality.

When it comes to planning your special day, it's important to incorporate the latest trends into your wedding to ensure that the style is updated and fresh. You'll enjoy showing off the unique details to your wedding guests and taking advantage of new looks that will enhance the beauty of the event.


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