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10 Gifts Your Bridesmaids Won’t Hate

On her wedding day, a bride wants her best girls by her side as she celebrates this special day. After all, without them, no bride is complete. A bride and her bridesmaids share an unbreakable bond that will last them through life. (more…)
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5 Helpful Hints for Planning a Sweet Sixteen

Planning a Sweet Sixteen party can be overwhelming. It’s an important event that presents to family and friends a more mature young lady. Whether a casual get together or a more formal affair, a Sweet Sixteen party will mark an important transition for a teenage girl. With some detailed planning and an organized To-Do list,…
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10 Questions You Need to Ask When Booking a Venue

The venue that you choose for a wedding or special event will determine the ambiance and style of celebration. From the decor that is used to the services that are provided, there are several details that will enhance the quality of the event. (more…)
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