6 Last Minute Summer Wedding Tips

Summer is here and your wedding is fast approaching. It’s time to make sure you have everything marked off on your checklist. After confirming with the caterer, the photographer and the band, don't forget to make a list of last minute items that you can't forget. Here are a few last minute tips to make sure your wedding will be a blast!

Keep Your Fiance Looking Fresh

It’s always a good idea for a bride to bring along an extra dress shirt for the groom in case he gets overheated and develops those awful pit stains. It’s also a good idea to order a second boutonniere because, after a few hours of heat and hugs, a fragile boutonniere might be a limp mess. Having a couple of back up items on hand will make your groom and wedding photos look fabulous all night long.

Keep Your Day Together and Organized

The best wedding prep comes from organization. Giving everyone in your bridal party jobs for the day helps keep everyone on track when it comes to setting up and cleaning up. When your bridal party arrives, give each of them a clear, plastic bin with directions and all the items needed for their assigned tasks. The clear bins are great because you can see inside them right away instead of wasting time opening them all up to see which box is which. Not will this help setup go smoothly, but at the end of the night clean-up will be a breeze and no one will have to stay late getting everything back together for the bride.

Make a Wedding Party Contact Sheet

To make sure that all the members of your wedding party plus key family members can contact each other in case of an emergency, give them a Wedding Party Contact Sheet of each other’s contact information. The sheet should include:

  • Email addresses
  • Cell phone numbers
  • Wedding timeline
  • Schedule of events
  • Wedding planner’s information

Your Wedding Planner should also receive a copy in case a groomsman goes missing and he needs to tracked down.

Have Bouquets Delivered in Water

Since you’re having a summer wedding, it’s important to have your flowers in water as long as possible to keep them fresh looking and not limp. When you’re ready for photos or to walk down the aisle, clip the bouquets down to the correct size and they will be as fresh as possible for the remainder of the day.

Don’t Workout Too Strenuously the Week Before

The week before your wedding, don’t worry about losing those few extra pounds. Keep your workouts light so you don’t pull a muscle and make it hard to walk down the aisle or dance the night away. Also, avoid biking or running as one trip or fall could give you some scrapes and scabs that won’t go well with your wedding dress.

Bring a Portable Steamer

Wrinkles in your wedding dress are inevitable, but you don’t have to live with them! Brink a portable steamer along to catch those annoying wrinkles when you least expect them. Just sitting down for a while or even the car ride over can add a few creases, keep a sharp eye out and steam them away!

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